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  • Rehabilitation of Pits and Quarries under

    The rehabilitation of pits and quarries is an important component of the Aggregate Resources Act. • There are some excellent examples of rehabilitation that is being done at pit and quarry sites, and the operators of those sites are to be commended for their efforts. • We also recognize there is room for improvement. Good rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation Management Plan Boral

    Rehabilitation Management Plan (previously included within the 2009 FFRMP) be updated, in accordance with the current quarry activities, existing management of vegetated areas and future rehabilitation of the site to support complementary landforms and

  • QUARRY REHABILITATION PLANS Specifications (version 1.3)

    QUARRY REHABILITATION PLANS Specifications (version 1.3) “ For all our quarries, a rehabilitation plan must be developed from the outset. It is an integral part of the quarrying plan and provides for progressive and co-ordinated rehabilitation whenever possible. When quarrying operations are over, rehabilitation must be completed without delay.

  • Life of Project Quarry Closure and Rehabilitation Plan

    Quarry Closure and Rehabilitation Plan Karuah East Hard Rock Quarry Rehabilitation Management Plan GSS Environmental November 2012 6 2.0 REHABILITATION MANAGEMENT PLAN 2.1 Rehabilitation Objectives The objectives of this rehabilitation plan are to: Minimise the environmental impact of the operation during the development and operational


    REHABILITATION OF PITS AND QUARRIES Aggregate extraction is an interim land use. Once aggregate is extracted from a pit or quarry, the site is rehabilitated into productive wildlife habitats, wetlands, golf courses, recreational parks, urban uses, conservation lands, forestry or agricultural lands. About Aggregates #3


    quarry is a function of a number of factors, the interplay of which will vary from quarry to quarry. In general quarries may require from one year upwards to complete rehabilitation. Rehabilitation plans that require more than five years to complete post closure may however not be economically viable and are therefore

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  • Mediterranean Quarry Rehabilitation Manual

    The money is returned back to the operator once a rehabilitation plan is submitted and implemented. I. QUARRY REHABILITATION: AN imPOSSIBLE MISSION 8. b. Quarries: a promising scar Quarrying activities trigger the progressive demise of the excavated sites, which slowly degrade causing habitat fragmentation, loss of biodiversity and resources depletion (El-Fadel et al., 2001; Khater et al


    Cooma Rd Quarry Rehabilitation Management Plan . 2.2 Stakeholder Consultation Regarding this Document : A copy of this document has been submitted concurrently to the NSW Department of Trade and Investment Division of Resources and Energy (DRE), the NSW Office of Water (NOW), Queanbeyan and the DPE. Any comments Council from the agencies will be incorporated into the

  • Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI)

    supplement to the quarry rehabilitation plan, and in other cases, as core parts of the plan. > A monitoring plan and appropriate corrective measures (if necessary) will be included in the rehabilitation plan, thereby ensuring the documentation and measurement of performance against the objectives. 1

  • Site Rehabilitation and Environmental Management Plan

    The purpose of the Site Rehabilitation and Environmental Management Plan (SREMP) is to describe procedures that will be implemented on behalf of the Department of Transport (DoT) to meet the rehabilitation and environmental objectives associated with construction and

  • CROSSROADS CENTRE Aldershot Quarry

    East Quarry Rehabilitation Plan •East and centre Quarry will be rehabilitated to 100% forest cover at approximately 1600 trees per hectare •Species for reforestation include: White Pine 30%, Red Oak 20%, White Oak 10%, Bur Oak 10%, Sugar Maple 10%, Basswood 5%, Shagbark Hickory 5%, Cottonwood 5%, Sycamore 5% Area (ha) Trees


    This Landscape and Rehabilitation Management Plan (LRMP) has been prepared by Conacher Consulting to address the Project Approval Conditions for the Grants Road Sand Quarry Extension (Application No. 08/0099 dated 25 July 2014), under Section 75 of the

  • Peppertree Quarry Biodiversity and Rehabilitation

    Biodiversity and Rehabilitation Management Plan / Peppertree Quarry Boral Limited Build something great TALLONG S h o a l h a v e n R i v e r B a r b e s C r e e k Bungonia Cr e k M a r ul a n C r e e k Peppertree Quarry TM Lynwood Quarry HIG LAND WAY Marulan South Limestone Mine Tangarang Creek MAIN SOUT HERN RAIL WAY LINE MEDWAY JUNCTION B o

  • Pit and Quarry Guidelines Nova Scotia

    Rehabilitation means restorative work performed or to be performed in accordance with the approved rehabilitation plan. Rehabilitation means a written plan approved the Department to provide plan for partial or total abandonment of the pit or quarry and may include an initial rehabilitation plan, progressive rehabilitation

  • Borrow Pit and Quarry Management

    9. Undertake all BP and quarry rehabilitation in compliance with the appropriate Operating Principal Requirement (OP R) documents (i.e. ‘Mine Closure Plan’ (OP-PLN-00031), ‘Rehabilitation Plan’ (OP-PLN-00044) and ‘Rehabilitation Management Procedure’ (OP-PRO-00101)). 10. Undertake all material extraction activities (construct

  • Case Study on Quarry Rehabilitation and Land Resettlement

    Titan Group’s environmental policy and Sharrcem’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are the driving forces behind the development and implementation of a comprehensive Rehabilitation Plan at Dimce Quarry, which is the main raw material source for Sharrcem Cement Plant since the 1970’s, located in the municipality of Hani i Elezit in Kosovo.

  • No Longer Just a Hole in the Ground The Adaptive Re-Use of

    the quarry was depleted of its resources, developers proposed a plan to restore the site into a mixed-use housing district including multi-family housing units, retail shops and commercial office space, interchangeably referred to as Quarry Falls or Civita—a name that blends civic with vitality. 2.2 Issues Prior to Redevelopment

  • Case Study on Quarry Rehabilitation and Land Resettlement

    Quarry rehabilitation plan and restitution of the land will deliver significant environmental and social benefits that outweigh the long-term rehabilitation costs, while maintaining the company’s reputation. Keywords: Quarry rehabilitation, stakeholders’ engagement, land resettlement, environment, local community 1. Introduction / Background

  • Best Practice Guidelines for Aggregate Rehabilitation Projects

    Best Practice Guidelines for Aggregate Rehabilitation Projects: Extracting the Benefits for Species At Risk and Rare Habitats EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Whether managing existing operations or planning the rehabilitation of pits and quarries, there is a wide range of opportunities for the aggregate industry to contribute to the conservation and enhancement of

  • rehabilitation of limestone quarries Mining

    China Revegetation and rehabilitation of quarries < Environment In the Gongxian limestone quarry, located in China’s Sichuan Province, Lafarge Cement has implemented a very ambitious rehabilitation plan concerning the areas of the »More detailed


    HOLCIM QUARRY REHABILITATION CAPE FOULWIND, WESTPORT Tony Warren, Rob Hazeldine and Greg Slaughter KEY POINTS • Quarry production currently 1 million tonnes of limestone and marl per year • The quarry occupies 150ha of land • Rehabilitated and regenerating bush now covers over 80ha of company land • Rehabilitation involves planting

  • Appendix K: Gundagi Quarry Progressive Rehabilitation Plan

    The objectives of this Progressive Rehabilitation Plan (the Plan) are to: Apply practical and reasonable on‐ground measures to revegetate and rehabilitate the no longer used sections of Gundagi Quarry;

  • Quarry Rehabilitation Plan Kremnos Reserve 7305

    Quarry Rehabilitation Plan Kremnos Reserve 7305 DP1144377 Orara Way Storage of project road material is to be located in areas 1, 2 and 3 on the quarry Map All incoming clean fill must be approved by Quarry Manager with documentation of origin of


    MENZIES Excavation & Rehabilitation Management Plan Lot 668 Mogumber Yarrawindah rd 3 reuse on site. . Minimal topsoil is present. Overburden is captured during the gravel screening process and stockpiled along the perimeter of the quarry to reduce the handling requirements during rehabilitation.

  • Rankin asks for ‘unbiased’ review of quarry plan in Port

    "I would like council to know that we have been reflecting on concerns raised by some members of the community regarding our rehabilitation plan for Pit One at the quarry