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  • Productivity in mining operations: Reversing the downward
    Wanted: A Better Measure of Productivity Performance in MiningA New Way to Measure Productivity in Mining OperationsTime to Face The Facts!Evaluating Individual Mine PerformanceAddressing The Industry’S Productivity ChallengeThe surge in demand for metals and minerals in the early 2000s quickly translated into much higher prices and, with it, much increased miners’ profitability. Boosting production volumes became the industry’s top priority. Mining companies worldwide largely lost sight of productivity goals that had underpinned operating discipline in the lean years of the 1980s and 1990s, when parts of the industry had set a healthy record in productivity imSee more on mckinseyPublished: 2015-05-01
  • How digital innovation can improve mining productivity

    How digital innovation can improve mining productivity The global mining industry is under pressure. In the short term, falling commodity prices are squeezing cash flow. Looking ahead, many existing mines are maturing, resulting in the extraction of lower ore grades and longer haul distances from the mine

  • Productivity in mining

    Labor productivity in the mining industry has been declining rapidly around the world. In the US coal sector, for example, labor productivity declined by an average of 27.5% from 2009 to 2012. If we remove the Illinois Basin, the only area to see productivity improvements during this

  • ValueMine: Mine Productivity

    VALUEMINE: MINE PRODUCTIVITY. Projects to increase the operational efficiency of mines, improve the net present value (NPV) and ROI of ore-bodies, and ensure operator safety while maximizing mine value and mine design. Technologies to increase production rates, reduce production cost, and reduce energy costs for ventilation and cooling in deep

  • Improve your mining operations with the best in

    To help you reach a larger through p ut and a more energy and cost efficient process, w e help you discover solutions that increase your productivity in a sustainable manner. As a full flow-sheet provider to the global mining industry, we have the knowledge and experience to enable your mining systems and technologies.

  • Wireless device meant to enhance mine safety and productivity

    2019-06-13· Shpyth and his company have invested in a project to develop GPS technology to improve mine safety and productivity. Liam Richards / Saskatoon StarPhoenix. IMII, along with potash companies BHP

  • Wireless device meant to enhance mine safety and productivity

    2019-06-13· Shpyth and his company have invested in a project to develop GPS technology to improve mine safety and productivity. Liam Richards / Saskatoon StarPhoenix. IMII, along with potash companies BHP

  • Boost Mine Payloads and Productivity Wenco Mining Systems

    Boost Mine Payloads and Productivity Exceeding productivity targets without increasing costs is hard work. New technology innovations make it easier for miners to boost productivity by identifying root causes of key issues and eliminating them with relative ease. Addressing issues from the top of the value chain — from drilling and blasting

  • Productivity at the mine face Mine Lens

    Productivity at the mine face: Pointing the way forward. 2016 Ajay Lala, Mukani Moyo, Stefan Rehbach, Richard Sellschop. Many mine operators could learn from industry leaders that are pursuing productivity-enhancing approaches. The global mining industry has started to show some signs of life after three dire years. Prices and equity

  • Enhancing Mine Productivity Natural Resources Canada

    Improving automation and equipment Learn more about how CanmetMINING is working to advance automation and improve equipment to increase the productivity, as well as the safety, of mining


    1 NEW METHODOLOGY TO IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY OF MINING OPERATIONS W. Valery, A. Jankovic Metso Process Technology & Innovation, 1/8-10 Chapman Place Eagle Farm, Brisbane Queensland 4009 Australia


    NEW METHODOLOGY TO IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY OF MINING OPERATIONS . Conference Paper (PDF Available) · January 2011 with 2,029 Reads How we measure 'reads' A 'read' is counted each time someone views

  • Productivity in mining no coms t rd rt

    4 Productivity in mining “ We’ve averaged close to 30% employee turnover.” The mining sector also suffers from an aging workforce, and retirement rates are anticipated to increase over the next decade. A recent Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) report shows retirement to be the most significant contributor to the

  • Mining productivity (research) Factorio Wiki

    Mining productivity is a research that increases the productivity of mining drills and pumpjacks by 10% per level. Unlike productivity from productivity modules, there are no downsides.

  • Increase mine productivity through better shaft and hoist

    2017-09-10· A shaft and hoist are a critical part of an underground mine and as a result, it is an area where bottlenecks appear. Jason Morrow demonstrates how you can improve your shaft and hoist system without decreasing productivity. View article on Mining.

  • Productivity Rio Tinto

    Working smarter from mine to market. Rio Tinto is developing smarter ways of working to remain sustainable, competitive and positioned for growth. While we can’t control commodity markets, we can control what we do every day and improve performance throughout our business.

  • Mine productivity improvement by numbers AusIMM Bulletin

    Mining companies now have the opportunity to gather vast amounts of operational data, but productivity improvements will only be seen if the data is managed and acted upon correctly Technology has transformed mines. It is said that 90 per cent of all data in use today was generated in the past two

  • Improve Mining Productivity with Asset Performance

    2017-10-25· According to research, more than 70% of mining executives are focused on cost and performance management. Watch this webinar, on how to implement an effective asset performance management strategy

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  • A Detailed Analysis of the Productivity Performance of

    productivity growth in mining above and beyond general public policies to improve productivity, such as investments in human capital and innovation. Despite the decline in productivity in this industry, it is not true that Canadians are worse off. In fact, the increases in prices and employment share in mining, together with the high productivity level of the sub-sector, have resulted in a

  • Published in: CSLS Research Reports · 2009Authors: Andrew Sharpe · Celeste BradleyAbout: Total factor productivity · Capital intensity · Natural resource · Profitability index · Prod
  • How the mining industry can continue to improve productivity

    2017-04-28· Now, Ivory added, it is time that mining companies took the next step to unlock new productivity gains to further improve cost efficiency in the next era of the industry.

  • Cat Improve Mining Productivity with Technology and

    Improve Mining Productivity with Technology and Automation. We offer the most productive new mining machines in the industry, but that’s not all. Learn more here.

  • Productivity and Cost Management

    productivity of the mining industry Australia has some of the world’s largest coal reserves, but is struggling with maintaining mining profit margins. Slide 2 PwC Asia School of Mines 2012 November 2012 . PwC improving productivity is the talk of the town “In the broader mining industry, the opportunity cost of not producing a unit of production during this high price period meant

  • nanotron and Meglab partner to improve mining productivity

    2019-08-15· nanotron Technologies GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sensera Limited has agreed to work with mining technology specialist Meglab to improve safety and productivity in mines. Meglab is incorporating nanotron’s innovative location awareness technology as a

  • The Top 6 Tech Trends Improving Mining Productivity

    2018-04-19· Able to operate below and above ground, autonomous vehicles are essential for the modern mine. They decrease incidents and increase workforce safety, work in mining zones that would be too dangerous for humans, increase mining productivity (as equipment can move faster and cover longer distances), and reduce costs as fewer operators are

  • How robotics and AI will improve mining productivity and

    2019-05-01· Hatch describes how to harness advances in AI and robotics. Feature How robotics and AI will improve mining productivity and safety Hatch describes how

  • Cat Improving Productivity with Autonomous Mining

    Mine sites that put autonomous mining technologies to work have also experienced a number of other valuable benefits, including increased productivity, higher equipment utilization and less machine damage. In fact, some sites have witnessed speed and efficiency increases that shorten cycle times and increase production by up to 25 percent.