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  • How to MAKE an inexpensive GOLD dredge YouTube

    2017-01-10· No need to look cool in the field with expensive gear just make your own equipment for a fraction of the cost of factory made, making do via scrap metal yards, box of beer engineers, and cheap

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  • home made electric dredge test YouTube

    2015-04-24· Homemade Gold Dredge Lost Files Duration: 20:05. The Silver Fiend 13,232 views. 20:05. Make Double Sided Rings out of Coins Tips for Beginners Duration: 13:18.

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  • Plan and design your own home made suction dredge for gold
    Will you need compressed air for diving? If so, you will need an air compressor, an air receiving
  • DIY- 12v Dual Pump Bedrock Gold Dredge YouTube

    2016-10-26· DIY- how i made a dual pump 12v PVC super bedrock gold sucker dredge,very easy and very powerful .

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  • How to Build a Gold Dredge Our Pastimes

    A gold dredge is a necessary tool for anyone who pans for gold as more than a hobby. Gold dredges are machines that pulls the gold from dirt or gravel. The gold dredge became popular at the time of the California Gold Rush, when thousands were looking for the shiny mineral as a way to strike it rich. Gold dredges

  • Homemade gold dredge 1 YouTube

    2012-05-16· It took Me five years to fined all the right parts to build this dredge this is a giant in disguise this machine moves a thousand gallons a minuet threw the pump, electric start, precision jetting

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  • how to make a homemade dredge pump

    Build A Do It Yourself, Home Made Suction Dredge Nevada How to plan, design and build your own homemade gold suction dredge so you can prospect and Your homemade dredge will need a motor and a pump. More details » Get Price

  • how to make a homemade dredge pump

    Build A Do It Yourself, Home Made Suction Dredge Nevada How to plan, design and build your own homemade gold suction dredge so you can prospect and Your homemade dredge will need a motor and a pump. More details » Get Price

  • Hand Dredge: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

    Hand Dredge: A hand dredge, also called a gold sucker, is basically a pump that will allow you to suck up material. They allow you to suck up material in hard to reach places, such as under rocks, and in crevices. Hand dredges work extremely well if you are pr...

  • Do It Yourself, Home made Suction Dredge Gold Panning

    2011-07-28· When you are sitting down to plan the designs of your own home made gold dredge, probably the first question you will want to ask yourself is “What size of dredge do I want to build?” The bigger your dredge is, the more material you'll be able to

  • gold dredge eBay

    Find great deals on eBay for gold dredge and keene gold dredge. Shop with confidence.

  • Build Your Own Homemade Mining Equipment Gold Panning

    2011-07-28· Design and Build Your own Gold Dredge Can't really afford expensive equipment to find gold nuggets? Interested in having your own dredge? There are a number of issues to consider, but I've done it, and you can, too. My dredge is based on a lot of experience in the field, so it works just great. A good homemade dredge will cost some money, but

  • Homemade 3 Stage Under Current Sluice Box catching Gold

    My Home Made 3 Stage Under Current Dredge Sluice Box. By Chris Ralph . I have a 4 inch dredge which I have used for many years at various locations in the California mother lode gold country. A few years ago I changed out my old dredge pump for one with higher capacity the plan was to get greater suction. It worked, but I noticed a significant drop in my fine gold recovery. I know that the

  • DIY-Dredge Dredging by yourself is fun

    The Dredge is an efficient alternative to using an excavator, which is expensive, has limited reach, may be destructive to the shore, and typically deposits the material adjacent to the shore, only to wash back in with the first good rain. It also works well as a fire pump. We also have a special model designed for gold

  • Gold Dredge Components & Parts

    The maximum power-requirements of a gold-dredge are estimated from the Steers dredge in operation, and proportioned according to the Oroville practice with dredges having a nominal capacity of 100 cu. yd. per hr. On this basis, the power-requirement would be: Pump

  • Keene Engineering, Inc,

    This is the blower that provides Air to the 4 way air distribution manifold. This is our 210 blower that produces tremendous airflow with high static pressure. Produces around 1600 CFM plus and plenty of air to power 4 to 5 151S Dry washers. We offer this in both Briggs and Stratton 5.5 hp gas engine and a 3 hp electric motor as well. We worked

  • PUMPS Gold HighBanker

    Recommend pumps: The Raptor Flare highbanker has a 1.5″ plumbing system, however there are very few 1.5″ semi-trash pumps on the market that are cheap and provide the needed water flow. This unit really performs well with about 5000 7000 gph. Therefore most people get a cheap 2″ semi trash pump and reduce it down at the pump. This

  • 5 Steps to Professional Prospecting: How to Build a Gold

    How to Build a Gold Dredge. A gold dredge is a mining machine used for extracting gold from grit, sand, and dirt using mechanical methods or by means of water.. In olden days, these machines were very large in size. In recent times, small suction equipment came into the market and this has made the operation more simple.

  • Plan and design your own home made suction dredge for gold

    Plan and design your own home made suction dredge for gold mining. Plan and design your own home made suction dredge for gold mining . Visit. Discover ideas about Gem Hunt. How to plan, design and build your own homemade gold suction dredge so you can prospect and mine for gold: from Nevada Outback Gems. Gem Hunt Gold Prospecting Panning For Gold Metal Detecting Gold Rush Design Your Own Home

  • DIY 1.5" 12V Dredge pvc nozzle,Bedrock Sniper

    2016-07-11· Here is how i build a 1.5" 12V PVC nozzle Dredge with $20 1000 GPA Bilge Pump ,Low cost ,Backpack ready,lightweight,Bedrock Sniper . Dredge works great as a bedrock cleaner upper and can be used with smaller pvc attachments .

  • Sediment removal pump DIY-Dredge

    DIY-Dredge is a small compact portable, engine powered, sediment removal pump, providing the ability to excavate and transfer mud sand & muck up to 150 m away. The DIY-dredger is delivered with a variable mounting, 2.5 m transparent hose and one Cam Lock coupling.

  • 6 Inch Full Sized Dredges: Keene Engineering Online

    6 Inch Full Sized Dredges Our 6 inch, full sized, heavy duty dredges are state of the art equipment for productivity as well as economy. Despite the heavy duty appearance, they can easily be broken down into components so portable that two man can transport them manually.

  • How To Build Your Own Home Made Gold Dredge

    2007-05-08· No question that many folks interested in prospecting for gold would love to own a dredge. No question that dredges are very cool pieces of prospecting equipment, but the prices for new ones are really high. You could easily spend many thousands of...

  • DIY Suction Nozzle and Power jet Gold Claims Sale

    2013-06-01· Here are some pics of my two DIY dredging tools. The Power Jet is in it's forth year on the river. the ABS plastic works well. The Jet is straight through and the gravel, sand and gold come in in the side "Y". I run it with a 1 1/2" trash pump. suction is very good and I usually have a 10' hose to the jet and a 24" run to my dredge sluice, crash box or other classifier.

  • Suction Gold Dredge Basics Steve's Guides

    2018-06-13· This is a very important thing to remember when working with permits. What a dredge manufacturer calls a 5" dredge may be a 4" intake nozzle dredge for permitting purposes. Nozzles sizes may be up to 2" smaller than hose sizes. A gold dredge is powered by a motor and pump. A common misperception is that gravel is sucked through the pump. The

  • Design and Build your Homemade Highbanker

    A close relation of the dredge and sluice box, the highbanker has the advantage of being able to work bench gravels left high and dry by river erosion which are unmined and may contain gold nuggets. The disadvantage of a highbanker is that it needs almost as much water as a sluice, and needs a good sized motor and pump, to move the water supply up from the river source to the high banker unit.

  • Gould Engineering Bazooka Dredge

    Where as the efficiency of the Suction Nozzle would only require (1) 5 HP Motor to operate it. The expense drops and the back is saved from hauling in two pump systems. Dredge Hose. A 5.0-ft. length of Dredge Hose is connected between the Suction Nozzle and the Gould-Bazooka.